About Us

Stretford Wheelers are a cycling club based in Manchester and the surrounding area. Originally founded in 1920, the club members past and present have been cycling around the lanes of Manchester and Cheshire for almost one hundred years.  Whether it’s just a short social bike ride or full on racing that you are looking for, then there will be someone with a common interest within the club.  So why not come along and join us for a ride and see what you think.

We are a friendly bunch of people who are keen on either social or competitive cycling and whatever your gains, there will always be someone similar in the club.

We cater for the serious competition cyclists who want to train and race with club mates or the social cyclists who want to go out on a Sunday and explore the Cheshire countryside, or maybe you are new to cycling and are not sure what you want to do except cycle with other like minded people.

There are a number of seasoned experienced cyclists in the club who have been cycling for many years, but the key thing is we welcome all.


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